Search for Surf and Sun III April 08 (Mine III, Their IV)

This year was another year for heading to Florida in April. We left watching the skies because we were going to go through some rain on the way down. We stopped in Macon Georgia to spend a rainy night. And to start out in the rain just like last year. 

We headed over to the east coast to Flagler beach we stopped at a seaside restaurant for some lunch and refreshment. The families were our enjoying a nice Sunday Spring day. It was breezy and cool even with Florida standards. We had some seafood since this was what all three of us had been talking and emailing that we wanted. The last two trips were disappointing as far as the seafood went.  We left Flagler in an overcast drizzly day.


















Terry is just happy to be in Florida


We headed across the state to Treasure Island. This would be our home base for a few days.

They had a local group who got their drums out every Sunday night for a tribute to the setting sun.


We did ride

We had some great food and plenty of sun till we had to head back