My wife and I Rode to pick up some Cheese and candy Aug 08

My wife wanted to try another trip on the FJR. She wanted to go to the Gethsemane Farm Monastery to get some cheese and fudge. She hadnít been to Fort Harrod in a while and she wanted to get some Rebecca Ruth Bourbon balls.

The bike and I are ready to roll.

Taking a quick break

We took all two lanes to get there and finally arrived. They had some mighty tasty cheese and bourbon fudge.

We then headed to Fort Harrod in Harrodsburg.

Gives you an appreciation for the modern amenities we have today.


We then headed to Frankfort to Rebecca Ruth Candies to purchase some bourbon balls. My wife was tired of riding by the time we hit Harrodsburg. She just does not like to ride on the FJR. Her limit seems to be 120 mile days. This trip was 180 miles. When we hit Fort Harrod we had traveled about 123 miles. I hope one day to try a Goldwing on a trip to see if she can go longer on a larger bike.


It was a great trip though. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great weather, great roads, and great company. I just wish I could find a combination on the FJR that would make my wife comfortable on longer rides.