The Motorcycles I have owned and those I still have in order of purchase

I owned a mini bike that I purchase with mowing money in 1974. It was a 5 horsepower orange Sears minibike. I removed the governor and that thing would fly. I did not count that as my first motorcycle.  Yes that is me riding it.



The pictures of the Kawaski on were or are my bikes. The other pictures are bikes just like mine but I found them on the web.


My first bike was a 1978 Honda CB550K It was a great starter motorcycle for me. Only issues were flat tires and chain tensioner failures.


My second was a 1983 Honda V45 Sabre that I installed the factory fairing and bags similar to the ones that came on the Honda CBX. I turned a standard bike into a Sport touring bike. I was not pleased with the way it handled but it was a great bike. I loved the V4 engine. Here it is without the saddlebags or fairing extensions.


My third bike was a 1994 Kawaski Concours:

This was a fantastic bike. No real issues. I never changed the rear shock which was shot when I sold it. I just wanted something newer.


Currently owned bikes

My Forth bike is a 2004 Yamaha FJR 1300


My Fifth bike is a 2002 Suzuki SV650



My current bikes have pages dedicated to them on my web site with changes I have made and basic impressions.