Fall Tri State Twisty Tour

We havenít been to north Georgia in a while so we decided to try this trip again. We have never ridden all through this particular tour with out rain on the leg from Helen to Gatlinburg. This time we finally did. We also did not want to ride the Dragon and the potential heavy enforcement there because I have modified my bike with a high pipe and removed the rear fender and did not know if they would stop me for that and of course 35MPH on the dragon is kind of ridiculous.


Packed and ready to go

Waiting for Terry to arrive near Cave city

Day two heading to Helen Via Warwoman road

Day Three finally a rain free day heading from Helen to Gatlinburg. Last time to view the mountains this year.


I have taken so many pictures of the same places that I am now just taking a few here and there. We had a beautiful weekend and a great time was had by all. Till next years trips we must bid ado to our motorcycle adventures. We have already started planning for next April.