*     Mag-Knight tank bra

*     Tankslapper kit

*     Vistacruise throttle lock.

*     Super Brace for front forks

*     Givi 460 tail trunk

*     Bike Johnny carbon fiber engine armor

*     Rider Warehouse Heated grips

*     Audiovox CC100 cruise control

*     Wilberís Shock

*     Wilberís Fork Springs

*     Sikolene 7.5 fork oil

*     Iridium plugs

*     Fuel pressure regulator

*     Zumo GPS

*     Galfer Front/ rear brake lines and clutch line

*     Cee Baileys wind screen (for winter)














My website was dropped for a year so I have some catching up to do. My riding friends and I rode 3000 miles and we were in 10 states in 7 days. The devastation left in Gulf shores and east from Ivan was amazing even after so many months. It will be years before they get it all back to normal. This was my first weeklong MC trip and it wonít be my last. We have started planning another trip next April.


I put on the Wilberís both front and rear and the changes are amazing. It is much smoother and I can set up my preload where it needs to be. I havenít scraped any hard parts except peg feelers. I ended up sending the shock back to have a stiffer spring put on since I was using almost every bit of my preload for one up full week touring. It came back and it is set up just right. I never new what a good setup felt like until I put these parts on. When I get into a turn it tracks right where I put it without having to hold it there.


I put the Pirelli Diablo Stradas on at 13K miles this past fall prior to heading to the Deals gap area. Wow. I donít know the mileage yet but turn in is definitely improved and they seem to have better cold traction than anything I have had before as well as excellent traction in rain and dry. I will post mileage as soon as I find out.


I started having trouble with my knee during our summer vacation. The last week of July 2005 I couldnít even walk the pain was so bad. It turns out I have a bulging disk in my back that is causing Sciatica. I have lost all of August and half of September riding. I finally took the FJR on a tour the 3rd weekend of September and it wasnít too bad. It is now February and I am still not 100 percent. I hope to be 100 percent sometime this year.


I installed the Audiovox Cruise control and it seems to work well. Both my riding guys put them on their bikes in preparation for the April trip. I was fortunate in finding one for mine that was one of the Autozone closeout units. I was able to purchase and install it for less than 60 dollars. That was a worthwhile farkle.


I finished my 15k Maintenance. I upgraded my spark plugs to the Iridium plug. Changed coolant to Engine Ice, Performed the Barbarian jumper modification, increased CO2 by 5 on each cylinder, Throttle body synch, oil changed and brake fluid change.


I have worried about having a Ticker since September of 2004. The day I returned from the EOM in Townsend the engine was ticking like I had never heard any engine sound before. I called the dealer and we set up a time for me to bring it buy. I was due for an oil change so I changed it prior to going to the dealer. 20 miles after the oil change the ticking stopped. The dealer never heard it so he suggested it might be the cam chain tensioner. It has never been that bad again. I do hear an occasional tap but nothing major. Since I was worried about this I took a screwdriver and listened to each cylinder while doing my 15K maintenance. I heard a slight tapping at number 4. This is right by the timing chain. I suspect that my timing chain tensioner is the culprit since the tickers, according to the information in the forums, usually occur on cylinders 1 and 2. I feel relieved and will be purchasing a chain cam tensioner and seeing if this is truly the problem


I do not know what has helped the 2-3k lopes I had because I changed to many things but I do notice a definite smoother throttle response and it doesnít want to hunt between 2 and 3k RPM.I am ready for my trip down south now. We will see how it does on an extended run.


Just bought and installed a new battery. I was having the hot start problem occasionally and at temperatures below 20 degrees F it was very hard to crank unless I had my trickle charger on it.The OEM battery had been discharged 3 times since I have had the bike so I felt it was time.


6/6/06 update. May 19th I found a nail in my tire and had to order a new Diablo for the rear. I purchased the E spec tire and it acts like the last one I had only it is suppose to last longer.

We rode to the Smoky Mountains during Memorial weekend and had a great time. We rode 209 and some other roads in the area. We avoided the Gap since there was the big bike rally and some extra enforcement lately. The FJR did a great job.


11/06 I replaced the Fuel pressure regulator with on supplied by turbo city. It has dropped my gas mileage by 2 MPG. It has helped with throttle response and it does seem to have a little more grunt in the midrange. Took it in for the TPS recall. New TPS and tried out my new Zumo GPS. The GPS works great.


4/07 I put the Strada Eís back on. They were less expensive. The FJR did great on the trip to Florida. My gas mileage was fine with the Fuel Pressure Regulator. I had the cover retainer strap come loose on my left saddlebag and my glove compartment opener broke. I have not replaced the strap yet but I did take a latch from a NEMA 12 rated electrical cabinet and used it on the glove box. It is strong and works well. I probably will not replace the glove box. I like this better. I did read where someone has put their 3rd latch supplied with the bike and used it for the glove box. I may try that too so that I can lock it.


6/16/07 I helped a FJRFORUM member Keithaba with his bike and he has let me borrow his passenger foot rest lowering kit, rifle windscreen tuning block, and CeeBaileys +2+4 windscreen. We mounted the peg lowering kit and I put on the Rifle tuning block with my stock windscreen. I have not tried it yet but will report back when we have run a trip with this setup.


8/12/07 I tried the passenger peg lowering kit and my SO road to Madison Indiana with me. She did not like the pegs lowered. She wants a Goldwing.


11/3/07 I installed the Ceebaileys and it is great this time of year. I think it will be my winter screen. I am back commuting to work on the FJR since the weather has turned cooler.


4/08 I put the Strada Eís on. I may go with Roso next spring if they are heavy enough for the FJR.


6/08 I Put new Galfer front and rear brake lines on and a SS Clutch line. The brake lines went on easy but the Clutch was a bear to do. I do not notice as much of an improvement of brake feel for the fronts as I did when I replaced the ones on my SV. They are better and I will not have to replace them again. I also checked all my valve clearances. There were two intakes that are close to needing shimed. I may do that this winter before our Spring Search for Surf and Sun IV.

If you have any questions about anything I have added to the bike or just want to make any comments you can email me. The email address is on the main page.


I love this bike!