Big Daddy Rocker guard install

Here is the Jeep prior to installation

I removed the fender extension and two screws from each fender flare by where the rocker goes and put a fresh coat of wax where the rocker was to be mounted.


I used Tough Stuff rocker gasket material to prevent rust and to protect the paint

I then used a jack to hold up the guard and mark the holes

After marking the hole locations I dropped the rocker and I drilled the holes for the sides and floor with a 3/16 inch bit then a 3/8 inch bit which was the final size.

I used a product called auto goop that I picked up at my local automotive parts place as a sealer. It is similar to silicon caulking but also acts as glue. I used it on the bolts and the washers to waterproof the installation. I have used this product many times and it works quite well.


Big Daddy included all the hardware but there was one issue. They sent 2 3/8 x1.5 grade 8 bolts with washers and locknuts and 2 3/8 x 2 grade 8 bolts washers and locknuts to go through the floor. The 1.5 long bolts were not long enough and the 2 ones where good, I ran up to the hardware store and picked up two 2 long grade 8 bolts and finished the install.


some finished pictures